About - Cavapoochons

We are a family of avid animal lovers!!  Our youngest daughter is our biggest animal lover.  We have always had a family dog and have loved him so much that we decided to extend our pet family!  We purchased some of the most beautiful dogs from Foxglove Farms and absolutely fell in love with them.  After much research from a very experienced dog expert and veterinarian recommendations, we decided to breed our precious red Toy Poodle with our girl Cavachons.  All our dogs come from a very high quality line. 


We only feed our dogs all natural dog food.  Our puppies are started out on Royal Canine and at 9 months old we switch our dogs to Blue Buffalo.  Both of these dog foods are top of the line quality.  We also give our dogs Probiotics daily to ensure that they are in top health.  We maintain their vet check-up and keep our dogs very clean and well groomed.  Our Mom and Dad dogs are a part of our family and we have grown to love each of their sweet personalities!  We are certain you would fall in love with one of their sweet puppies as well.  The Cavapoochons are easy to train!  They are very smart dogs that will obey and house train easily. We begin house and crate training  your puppy.  All puppies are very social when they are adopted.  They become a part of our family for the first 8-10 weeks of their lives.  They will always hold a special place in our hearts but our desire is that you and your family will grow to love them as we do.  They will be a forever companion and source of joy!​ We are confident you will fall head over heels!

How will I know if I am ready for a pet?

My biggest advice would be to visit someone with a family pet that becomes a part of their family!  Our dogs are a part of us!  We enjoy their sweet company and the joy they bring into our home.