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What Makes a Cavapoochon Special?

  • Cavapoochon dogs are known to keep their puppy like features.  Even when they are fully grown their coat is  lush and fluffy.

  • They are the perfect size!  Our dogs fully grown weigh between 8-20lbs.  Most weigh right in the middle around 12-15 lbs.

  • This breed is known for getting along well with other pets and are exceptional with children! Their disposition is very sweet and mellow. Each dog has its own little personality and that what makes each of them so special.

  • Cavapoochons are hypoallergenic! They do not shed and are low on pet dander.  Many people that deal with allergies or asthma can adopt this breed with little or no complications.

  • Want a travel partner?  They love to travel and are very low maintenance.  They fly well and also enjoy car rides.

  • Cavapoochons are a triple cross breed.  This is very important because it minimizes health issues.  Their life expectancy can be up to 16-18 years.

  • This breed is a wonderful family pet and companion! They really love people and are very social.   Not to mention they are absolutely adorable!

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