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How do I keep my dog


looking like a puppy?


We get this question a lot and the key is the haircut!  We tell our adoptive families to ask for the "teddy bear-puppy cut".  We also recommend taking a picture of the cut you are looking for!  This helps the groomer understand exactly what you like and desire.  The cavapoochon does require regular visits to the groomer.  We recommend every three months.  This really depends on your preferences and lifestyle. 


If you do not mind giving your dog an occasional bath at home, they can wait a little longer between groomer visits.  Brushing their fur every few days also helps with matting.  If you would prefer not to bathe or brush your dog often, then you will need to visit your groomer more often.  Not all groomers are the same.  It may take a couple different tries before you find the prefect fit.  A couple things I would look for in a groomer:

* the facility clean and smell fresh?

*Does the groomer require proof of vaccines? If not.... that means sick dogs can visit there as well.. and your dog is more likely to pick up something unwanted.

*Are they kind and friendly? Do they greet your pet and try to make the dog feel at ease? If they only give negative feed back and no positive, you may want to try another groomer.  Our groomer gives a report card.  Sometimes they may say a dog is shy or barked in their cage, but they also had 10 positive things to say! You want a honest groomer, but not a negative one.  It really should be a positive experience!

*Mobile groomers are a little more pricey, but the convenience is marvelous!

*Are they easy to schedule with or are they overbooked?

I hope this helps in finding the perfect groomer! We love ours and our babies do too... and that is important to us!

What do I do if

my new puppy won't eat?

First off, do not panic! Puppies need a little time to adjust to their new home and family!  I would try to keep your puppy on his regular feeding schedule... we recommend eating three times a day...breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If your puppy isn't interested in eating, here are a couple tips:

*Put the puppy's food in a central location.

*During the training months, always use the same bowl in the same place.

*Sit on the floor with the puppy in your lap, next to his food bowl, and feed him from your hand.  (We only recommend this step if he isn't eating at all.)

*Remember a puppy's stomach is very small, and they will not eat nearly as much as a child.

*Start out with 1/4 cup of dry food each meal.  When he eats it all in 5 minutes, then you know it is time increase his food to 1/2 cup.  By nature, the cavapoochons are not huge eaters.  They should eat three times a day, but it does not need to be a large portion.

I hope this helps, as you help your puppy transition from our home to yours!


5 Reasons to buy a Cavapoochon

1. They are playful

The Cavapoochon is an extremely playful dog! They are small and petite, making it the perfect pet for families with small children and other pets as well. They are very high-energy and will always keep you on your toes! The Cavapoochon is not aggressive and has never been known to bite. There kind-hearted disposition makes them a perfect addition to any home that is looking to add a little bit of life through pets!

2. They are beautiful

The Cavapoochon is an adorable dog! Even as the Cavapoochon ages, it keeps it's youthful, puppy-like face well into adulthood. This is a win-win for dog owners who want the maturity of a fully grown dog with the adorable face of a brand new puppy! Their beauty is just one great characteristic on a long list of reasons to buy! 

3. They are sociable

Some breeds out there are not very people-friendly and shy away from big crowds or social gatherings at home. This is not a problem with the Cavapoochon! Their fun-loving and friendly spirit is eager for friendship with humans and other animals alike. They are extremely smart as well and can be easily trained to do many tricks! These tricks are great for entertaining the kids and helping them to build a bond with this very loyal breed! They love attention and are extremely sociable, making them the perfect companion! The Cavapoochon is an extremely fun breed! 

4. They are hypoallergenic 

It is always so disappointing for a family to be limited in their choice of dogs due to allergies. Many families just simply don't own a dog at all because of the constant worries of an allergy flare up. With the Cavapoochon, this is not a problem at all! The Cavapoochon is completely hypoallergenic! Say goodbye to the days of shedding, sneezing, and sniffling, and say hello to an adorable Cavapoochon puppy! Allergies are no longer a barrier to having the puppy of your dreams because these adorable dogs are an answer to prayers! 

5. They are smart 

These dogs are extremely intelligent and can be trained fairly easily with the proper training methods. Cavapoochons are even able to work in hospitals, nursing homes, and as guide animals for the visually impaired. Their long life span means that they will be their for you for a long time and they will serve you loyally and love you immeasurably! The Cavapoochon is changing the way we think about dogs and you can join the movement with help from us! Check out the rest of our website for availability and contact information by clicking the button below!  

      Commonly asked questions 

  • What is a full day like for the puppy? Do they have a daily routine? Yes, our puppies function well with a routine.  They wake up around 7am…we take them out immediately. They come in and eat breakfast and have play time.  They usually fall asleep around 9 or so and sleep for a couple hours. We take them potty when they wake up and then feed them lunch. Then they play and nap for the afternoon with potty breaks.  They eat dinner around 5 and potty again.  They play and rest in the evening.  They love to play with toys and be held!  They love when we talk to them and give them one on one attention.  We try to hold them and love on them several times a day as we are training them to go potty. They go potty for the last time at 11pm. They then go in a crate for night time. This is the only time we put them in a crate.  We do not recommend a lot of crate time during the day because they need to exercise and play.  If you need to leave it is ok to us a crate for a few hours at a time.  Exercise pens from Amazon are fabulous for when you are home but cannot be 100% attentive for an hour or so. 

  • How often are puppies currently being let outside to do his/her business?  ALOT :) You will need to let them out  about every hour until they adjust to your home.  That will definitely not last forever, just until they learn your routine and where your door is.  Take them to the same door every time. 

  • What is night time currently like? Is he being let out during the night to do his/her business?I do not recommend letting them out in the middle of the night.  Just make sure you take them potty right before they go to bed and no drinks after 8:00pmAlso the first person to get up in the morning should take them out right away. This is just during the training time.  When they hear someone up that will be their alarm clock.

  • How often and how much is he being fed? They will eat 3 times a day and 1/4 cup each time.  If they do not eat it all, that is ok.  If they gobble it all up in 5 minutes that means it is time to increase the food amount.

  • What food is he being fed?   They are on Royal Canine food I will also send you a sample of the vitamins I recommend. NuVet Plus

  • Are they crate trained? If so, to what extent? Yes, they are crate trained and goes in there in the evening for bed. 

  • What commands or words are currently being used to train him? Potty, night night…good boy and of course we love you!

Cavapoochon Puppy

What is a Cavapoochon?

A Cavapoochon is a mix of a Bichon Frise, a Miniature Poodle, and a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They have a lifespan of 15-17 years and are considered overall a very healthy dog. Cavapoochons are extremely friendly breed and they are perfectly safe to have around children and other pets. Due to their small size and adorable faces, the Cavapoochon is referred to as the "Forever Young" dog. They are a great fit for any household and will add joy to the owner's life every day ! 

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