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Available  Puppies

After much thought and research we have decided to try a new method for adopting a puppy.  I have a few breeder friends that use this method and it has worked out well for the new adoption families.  We will be trying it for our next two litters.  A little about how we decided to make a change.  Our waitlist was so long at one point we were unable to give our families an accurate time frame as to when a puppy would come available for adoption.  Then we changed and opened reservations at a specific time and day.  If you were not one of the first 8 it was most likely going to be another 4-6 months to reserve. With the two spring litters we have coming available in March, we have decided to post pictures of the puppies when they are 4-5 weeks old and you are welcome to contact us and reserve that specific puppy.  Once you contact us, we will schedule a call.  We like to speak with you over the phone instead of filling out an application... this way you get to know us a little as well. I am posting a snapshot of our first litter with this new method below.   We will be posting individual pictures of the available puppies on February 4th.  Once the pictures are posted individually, you are welcome to reserve a specific puppy. The puppies will be available when they are 10 weeks old, March 18th.  Thank you for your patience in our new process.  We are trying to find the best adoption method! Please make sure you have subscribed to our website if you would like notifications about available puppies.  We are honored to work with each of you!  


Posted Feb. 4th and available March 18th.

Posted Feb. 11 and available March 27th.


Litter of four beautiful girls! We have one reservation available.  Please contact us for more information! She will be ready March 11th. 

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