We are truly grateful for the work you and your family did to prepare our puppy to become a part of our family.  In the short he has been with us, many people have commented on what a beautiful dog he is and what a happy, friendly disposition he has!  Your loving home and care have made for such an amazing experience for our family time!! :)

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Cavapoochon Facts

Our Cavapoochon puppies have a Cavachon mother (50% Bichon Frise and 50% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) bred with a red Toy Poodle sire. The Cavapoochon has many wonderful characteristics.  It looks just like a teddy bear and is loved because it keeps the puppy size and appearance its entire life.  The Cavapoochon will ultimately weigh between ten and fifteen pounds.  It will have soft, curly, non-shedding fur - great for those suffering from allergies.  Many doctors recommend these dogs to people with children who suffer from asthma or allergy-related issues.


USA Today calls the Cavapoochon "all the rage" and says they are smart, healthy and hypoallergenic.  They are also known as the dog-face fountain of youth and perfect pet accessory.  They are loved because of their sweet disposition and their ability to get along with other children and with other pets.



Our dogs are well cared for.  Our desire is to be a responsible breeder who works very closely with our vet.  We want to have quality, loved and cared for puppies. It is a joy for us to have the opportunity to work with these puppies for the first 10 weeks of their lives to train, love and socialize them.


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